Health Matters on the Food at the Plate 


Every household can provide meals at the table. Bed-ridden individuals rely on an in-home care agency in Louisiana for meal preparation. The kind of food on the plate can indicate the overall well-being and lifestyle of an individual. If your meals at the plate are unhealthy, it might be time to reconsider your diet. 

However, food preparation is not easy. Various factors may affect the food choices of an individual. Thankfully, as a provider of personal care services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we have been providing meal preparation services for our clients. We can help give tips for a healthier choice of meals. 

  • Add something, not subtract

    Most people subtract essential food groups to attain a healthy diet. However, it is an unhealthy practice. Food preparation is the art of adding food groups to achieve a healthier diet. Instead of cutting carbohydrates, try adding more fiber or protein to your meals. 

  • Choose ingredients that improve your health

    We often choose ingredients or meals that will help improve our health when we are sick or have health issues. For instance, you can avoid constipation by adding more fiber to your meals. 

  • Avoid what can harm your health

    Avoid foods that can trigger health issues. For instance, there are certain food groups or meals with specific qualities that seniors should avoid. The best example would be avoiding meals with high sodium to prevent a spike in blood pressure levels. 

However, individuals under home care have different needs for their meals. If you are looking for a reliable home care provider for your everyday meals, contact Family Care Personal Attendants LLC. We also have various professionals who can provide you with other tasks, like a CNA in Louisiana


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