Navigating the CNA Selection: Key Aspects to Weigh In


A certified nursing assistant has the skills and expertise to help seniors aging at home improve their comfort and independence. They achieve that by helping them with their daily living activities, medication management, health monitoring, and more. We can connect you and your family with a qualified CNA in Louisiana. Things to consider when hiring a CNA include:

  • Health and Medication Issues

    A CNA can provide seniors aging at home with personalized care services to address their unique health and medication issues or requirements. Some services you could expect from them include respite care, housekeeping assistance, and services like our personal care services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • If the CNA or Caregiver Is a Good Match for Your Loved One

    Matching the right CNA or caregiver with your elderly loved ones can help make the transition to a care program like home care easier for them. A great way to promote a good match is to set up a meeting with the CNA beforehand to ensure they will be good companions for your elderly loved ones.

  • Nutritional and Hygiene Concerns

    The duties of a CNA include meal preparation assistance and personal care. They can provide personalized care services to help ensure that your loved ones at home are eating, bathing, dressing, and grooming optimally.

Our in-home care agency in Louisiana will connect you and your elderly loved ones with certified nursing assistants and other healthcare professionals to improve their quality of life at home. For more information, call Family Care Personal Attendants LLC at 225-291-1164.

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