Types of Foods Seniors Should Avoid


Seniors should be more mindful of their diet because nutritional needs and dietary restrictions often change with age. Healthy eating practices and proper food preparation will help seniors remain independent for longer and reduce the risks of chronic conditions or health issues. Here are some types of foods seniors should try to avoid as much as possible:

  • Foods That Are High in Sodium

    Aging bodies are often more sensitive to sodium intake from food. High-sodium foods can increase the risk of high blood pressure, leading to heart disease and other chronic conditions in seniors. They can season food with herbs and spices instead of using salt or sodium products. For meal preparation assistance, seniors can also consider personal care services. 

  • Raw or Undercooked Meats or Egg

    Seniors are at a higher risk of experiencing foodborne illness. To reduce the risk of foodborne illness, they should always make sure that the food they are eating has been cooked and washed thoroughly. We can help you meet a qualified CNA in Louisiana who can assist your elderly loved ones during mealtimes, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses and other eating hazards. 

  • Food That Are High in Trans Fat

    Trans fat can be found in fried food, commercial food, and fast food. It raises bad cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of heart disease and heart attacks in seniors. Our personal care services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can help your elderly loved ones with meal preparation so that they can enjoy healthier home-cooked meals.

Our in-home care agency in Louisiana will connect your elderly loved ones with healthcare professionals who can assist them during meal times and more. For more information, call Family Care Personal Attendants LLC at 225-291-1164.

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