Transferring at Home: Does It Matter?


Transferring, in rehabilitation, refers to transferring from a wheelchair to a different surface, such as a toilet seat, couch, or floor. For wheelchair users, transferring is an essential skill to perform personal care activities, like bathing, brushing the teeth, grooming, toileting, and more. 

However, some wheelchair users cannot fully use their strength for transferring. Individuals with quadriplegia have weakened or a loss of function in their arms, thus affecting their ability to transfer. Transferring is a skill that hugely relies on the upper limbs. When one cannot fully use their arms, relying on a CNA in Louisiana can help. 

Here are two benefits when one can learn transferring skills:

  • Achieving independence

    As mentioned in the first paragraph, wheelchair users can achieve and maintain their independence when they learn how to transfer from their chairs to other surfaces. Transferring skills will enable them to maintain their function at home or in their respective communities. However, individuals with developmental issues can fully integrate within their communities with community choices waiver so they can learn essential transferring skills.  

  • Preventing falls and accidents

    Falls can happen at home, but they can be prevented with essential transferring skills. When your loved one takes a bath without proper transferring skills, they are at an increased risk of experiencing falls and accidents. If your loved one has insufficient transferring skills, contact our in-home care agency in Louisiana for daily assistance. 

Transferring is essential for individuals with mobility issues or in wheelchairs. However, Family Care Personal Attendants LLC acknowledges that some cannot perform the skills. Thankfully, we can always help with transferring and mobility assistance. We also provide them with personal care services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If your loved one needs us, contact us


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