The Benefit of Sharing Meals with Others


It’s not strange to hear stories of seniors living alone despite the vulnerability brought by old age. There are actually close to 14 million seniors who don’t have their family or friends living with them in the US. Senior isolation has only been amplified by COVID-19, leading to a higher risk of loneliness and an overall decline in health.

The seniors who had an active social life before the pandemic are finding it difficult to adjust to the major changes in their lifestyle. Like being unable to participate in community engagements, doing their usual errands in the city, and attending classes or clubs for their hobbies. With how things are slowly easing back to normal, our personal care services in Louisiana are here to assist the elderly get back on track.

In drawing out healthcare strategies to help seniors cope with social isolation, we have established that sharing a meal with others is highly effective in creating a positive experience. It results in the elderly’s increased nutritional intake, strengthens relationships with others, and the social stimulation uplifts their spirits.

The chances of the senior patient developing depression significantly decrease with every bite in the presence of family or friends. Our In-Home Care Agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is committed to its role of delivering quality care in all aspects of our patient’s life.

For your Senior Health Care needs, our caregivers at Family Care Personal Attendants LLC are here to assist you in any way we can.

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