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Keep Your Senior Loved Ones Hydrated


Dehydration affects older people more than it does younger people. In part, this is because kidneys no longer work as effectively with age, leading to a fluid imbalance in the body. With the continuing rise in temperature brought by drastic environmental changes, the health care providers in In-Home Care Agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are always monitoring for signs of dehydration in our patients.

Dehydration among the elderly can lead to health risks that could become serious if left unattended. As part of the optimal healthcare we continuously uphold and provide, we ensure that our patients remain hydrated by doing the following steps:

  • Promote fluid intake.

    Promoting fluid intake can be done through different forms, like consuming water-based beverages or foods with high water content. Our caregivers who perform Personal Care Services in Louisiana, are highly attentive when it comes to our senior patients’ meal planning. If an elderly is prone to sweating and urinating frequently, we make sure their liquid intake balances their body’s water loss.

  • Providing options in their usual water intake.

    A change in routine could encourage the patient to increase their water intake by using water enhancers such as pre-flavored water or meals that have broth or soup. The menu is modified to make it more appealing to them.

  • Eliminate factors that could lead to excessive evaporation.

    Another way to prevent dehydration is to get rid of factors that could lead to evaporation, like when an elderly excessively sweats due to the hot weather. Maintain a cool temperature by installing an air conditioner or having plants in the area.

Family Care Personal Attendants LLC aim to be an excellent source of help for seniors and their families.

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