Helpful Tips to Improve Hygiene in Seniors


Day-to-day tasks tend to become more difficult as we age. For many seniors, practicing good hygiene can be challenging due to factors like lack of mobility and low energy. A fear of falling, isolation, and chronic pain can also cause seniors to neglect their hygiene. Hence, personal care services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are recommended to help seniors maintain good hygiene.

As a trusted in-home care agency in Louisiana, we will share a few tips to help improve personal hygiene in older adults:

  • Identify the issues.
    Determine the reason why your senior loved one has neglected their hygiene. Seniors often develop poor hygiene when they can’t perform their normal routines. Knowing the reason is essential to help discuss potential solutions.
  • Develop a routine.
    A daily hygiene routine can help your loved one get used to performing specific activities, such as brushing their teeth. You can avoid making these tasks feel like a chore by helping pick out their clothes or keeping the bathroom at a comfortable temperature.
  • Purchase hygiene aids.
    Hygiene aids are devices that are designed to address elderly hygiene issues. This makes it easier for seniors to take care of their personal grooming. Good examples include long-handled shower brushes, no-rinse bathing wipes, and shower chairs that enhance comfort and safety.
  • Arrange additional help.
    A personal care attendant can help older adults with hygiene and grooming tasks to maintain their daily routines. They also receive assistance with tasks like walking, food preparation, medication reminders, and more.

Family Care Personal Attendants LLC is a reputable home care provider. We offer in-home services to meet your care needs. If you are looking for a reliable CNA in Louisiana, feel free to give us a call today.

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