Stress Can Be Deadly for Your Health


Stress is one of the most dangerous and deadly of all the components out there that will negatively affect your health. Many healthcare professionals often ask their patients to lessen their tensions to avoid complicating their health problems. And even individuals with little to no background in medicine and healthcare know that heavy and long-term stress negatively impacts our health. So, why is this? How does stress become deadly to our health?

Here’s a generalized and brief explanation from providers of personal care services in Louisiana: Stress is deadly because it causes the body to release and increases certain chemicals or hormones that attack or weaken different organ systems. The primary hormone released is cortisol, which significantly damages our bodies if abundant. How? By interfering with the functions or ou our organs and system. It includes the brain for learning and memory, the skeletal for bone density and function, cardiovascular for blood pressure, cholesterol, and immunity. The medical community calls stress the silent and strategic killer.

We understand that we want our elderly loved ones to live as long as possible and enjoy time with their family. Thus, we made it our mission here at Family Care Personal Attendants LLC to provide care that will help lessen the stresses that both our clients and their family experience.

To help manage your and your elderly loved one’s stresses, avail the service of our in-home care agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, today!

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