Medication Reminders for the Elderly


Medication management can be a complex task, especially for seniors who are taking multiple medicines. However, a professional can help with food preparation assistance and medication management to ensure seniors take their pills on time. Below are some medication reminders tips to make it an easier task.

  • Keep The Medicines Organized

    Gather a comprehensive list of all the pills, supplements, and vitamins your loved ones are taking. Organize them in separate organizers and store them in a safe place at all times! If this task requires professional assistance, don’t hesitate to hire the support of a CNA in Louisiana.

  • Label OTC Medicines

    Besides prescriptions, OTC medicines are also vital for everyone at home. Create a separate organizer for OTC medicines and label them accordingly. Professional caregivers from an in-home care agency in Louisiana can assist seniors and ensure they don’t miss a dose.

  • Build a Medication Routine

    A medication routine is one of the most effective ways to manage medications. Taking meds might be paired with other daily routines, such as before or after eating dinner and brushing your teeth. Know the appropriate medication routine to help improve your loved ones’ health and wellness through regular medicine intake.

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