Helping Seniors with Meals and Medication Management


As adults grow older, they inevitably begin to experience memory problems that make it difficult for them to handle key tasks like managing their own medication and nutrition needs. Since managing both is key to their long-term health and wellness, hiring a CNA in Louisiana would be a great help to them.

At Family Care Personal Attendants LLC, our caregivers can help clients with food planning and preparation. They can work with the client’s physicians to ensure that their daily meals fulfill all of their nutritional requirements, while also complying with their dietary restrictions, for happy and healthy eating.

Medication management is another service our caregivers provide. Also working with the client’s physicians, they can ensure the client’s medication regimen is up to date. They can organize the medicines and develop a schedule for proper dispensing. This will ensure that the client takes the correct medications at the proper times every day.

As part of our personal care services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our caregivers take care to ensure the client’s meal plan and medication schedule work well together so that there are no negative interactions, like allergic reactions, between the two.

Are you looking for an in-home care agency in Louisiana that can help manage your senior loved ones’ meal planning and medicine management needs?

Then call us today at 225-291-1164, so you can learn more about our senior care quality services and we can set up our first appointment. We are all ready to help you.


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