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The Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors for Seniors

There are only a few pastimes that can restore the body and soul like spending time in nature. According to studies, being outside does more than just lift a person’s spirits — it also boosts their physical and mental well-being. Spending time outdoors has been part of healthcare for centuries, from forest bathing to plunging into hot springs.

Here are some of the other benefits your loved one can get from spending time in nature.

  • Mental Health and Wellness
    Seniors who make time to go out and exercise in natural settings may experience less depression and anxiety. Even seniors who are unable to exercise can reap the benefits of going outdoors by smelling the fresh breeze, enjoying the change of scenery, and listening to the songs of animals in the trees.
  • Improving Energy
    Being outside with nature helps seniors feel more active and provides them with a greater sense of vitality that can make them more resilient to illness. A study found that a 20% improvement in attention span and memory can be seen in seniors who spend just one hour in a natural environment.
  • Better Overall Health
    At Family Care Personal Attendants LLC, we prioritize your loved ones’ overall health and wellness. Therefore, we do our best as an in-home care agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to provide them with high-quality care services to help them cope with their individual conditions. Part of that is providing them with assistance during outdoor activities and events.

If you’re worried about your loved one getting into an accident outdoors, our home care services might help to ease your mind.
Learn more about our personal care services in Louisiana by contacting us today.

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